Terms of use

Content Guidelines

1.1 - Restricted Content

HoshPod, although lenient on the types of content that can be posted on the platform, must enact a few restrictions on content types to ensure that illegal, lewd, and openly bigoted/racist content isn't associated with our platform. Therefore, following the guidelines below as content NOT to post would assist in keeping HoshPod an open, and freely-expressive video content platform.

Restricted Content
  • Any content which portrays sexual acts, insinuations, or suggestions thereof containing any persons under the age of 18.
  • Openly targeted harassment/opinions based strictly on the race, sexual orientation, and/or gender of a specific group or individual.
  • Openly inciting violence/death against a group, person, religion, gender, and/or race.
  • Promoting illegal activities/actions.
  • Content which encourages violent and/or damaging actions on the part of a person or group.
  • Content which is deemed illegal by local and/or federal authority.

Content is defined as video, text, and/or music which is created by you or someone else on the HoshPod platform.

1.2 - Content Attribution

HoshPod wants to ensure that all content creators receive proper credit and attribution for their work. Therefore, the following policies are in place in order to prevent distribution of content that you do not own without proper attribution.
  • All content that is being re-shared onto a channel from a different content creator MUST be properly stated in the video description area.
  • A link to the creator's HoshPod account or channel must be provided in the video description.
  • Attribution cannot be in the video itself, meaning you cannot do a "shout-out" or text on video attribution within the video itself.
  • Trademarked games, videos, companies, and other copyrighted materials must each have their own attribution in your video description.
  • Music, sounds, and other sound effects that are not created specifically by you must contain attribution within the video description.

Failure to attribute content correctly will result in deletion of violator's videos, and can/will lead to suspension and/or banning of one's account.

1.3 - Video Content

You, as a content creator and distributor, must adhere to a set of policies that will ensure that video content is no violation any local, state, federal, and international laws. The following policies are universal across HoshPod and must be followed at all times:
  • The display of people and/or persons in a private location that have not given expressed permission to be displayed is prohibited.
  • Providing names, locations, and other personally identifiable information (such as social security numbers, telephone number, ect.) is prohibited and highly illegal.
  • Any content expressing sexuality or acts thereof cannot contain persons under the age of 18, regardless of local and international laws.
  • Symbols associated with specific hatred, terrorism, and other extremely violent organizations cannot be placed or featured inside of your video content, nor on your channel/account.
  • Administration has the ability, at any time and for any reason, to deem content unsuitable for the platform based on all rules and policies on the platform. At no time will administration remove content for political or personal reasons.

1.4 - Content Ownership & Display

On HoshPod, you are a creator of your own content, which attributes the following content creator specifics to you:
  • You are owner of your content, and have given HoshPod the expressed permission to host and display that content.
  • HoshPod will place it's watermark on videos that are externally shared, to attribute HoshPod as the host of such content. By agreeing to these terms, you have given HoshPod the permission to do so.
  • HoshPod will not sell your videos. Selling of videos will be done by the creator (You) and HoshPod will collect no more than 2% of comission off of each sale of videos.
  • HoshPod is not responsible for the updating and maintenance on software or equipment that the creator uses to produce videos hosted on HoshPod.
  • HoshPod does not guarantee sales of your videos on the platform, and is not responsible for promoting such content.
  • Video formats are created by our system automatically. We cannot guarantee that your video will flawlessly fit the conversion formats provided.
  • Any content you have created that is shared by others will require the sharer of that content to attribute you in the video description.
  • By posting your video on HoshPod, you have given other creators the express permission to share your videos with proper attribution.
  • Video length is not guaranteed on HoshPod. Video size is set via how large the file size of the video is, and not by video length.
  • HoshPod will not be able to refund any commissions made from video sales.
  • Because video content is digital, all sales on video content by a creator are final to the purchaser, and there will be NO REFUNDS.
  • Any content shared to other websites must contain proper attribution to the creator.
  • Creators give permission for external websites to embed and share their videos without any additional contract.

There are other specifics that may be situational, and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. HoshPod will only evaluate these cases if the video or creator has expressly violated any of the policies and procedures herein.

1.5 -