Terms of Service

HoshPod.Com Terms of Service


What is HoshPod


HoshPod is a video sharing platform offered by Mumblit LLC for the distribution and viewing of video, music, and images. Due to the strict adherance to free speech rights, content on this platform cannot be censored for an invalid reason. However, there are several terms that must be agreed to in order to protect the liability of HoshPod, Mumblit LLC, and other associated entities from abuse of the system. Therefore, all users are to strictly adhere to the terms set within, otherwise they will risk having content removed or termination of channel.


The following terms must be agreed to in order to hold a valid account on HoshPod:

  • No uploading of sexually explicit materials of any kind. This includes pornography, sex videos, nudity, and other strongly suggestive video types.

  • Content must adhere not threatening the lives of specific people, icons, celebrities, or political figures.

  • Content cannot promote terrorism or terroristic behaviors in any way.

  • Content cannot directly reveal any personal identifiable information of a user, person, or entity unless that entity is a business address.

Types of Content Allowed

  • Business videos

  • Tutorials

  • Educational videos

  • Music videos (as long as credit is properly given)

  • Personal activity videos

  • Fitness Videos

  • Political Videos

  • Podcasts

  • Memes (as long as they do not break any rules above)

  • Soundtracks

  • Video Gaming

  • Talk Shows

  • Parodies

  • Comedy

  • And much more as allowed by conditions...

HoshPod will use its own discretion to ascertain whether a specific piece of content violates policy and will be taken down. However, HoshPod uses the criteria listed above to make informed decisions, and does not assume that content is against policy simply because it "offends" people. 

Content Ownership

HoshPod and Mumblit LLC does not assume rights of ownership to specific content. Ownership of content belongs to the user displaying such content, and all attributing mentions must be in place on content if the source of the content is not the poster of said content. Any content which has not been properly credited to the source will be removed. Repeated violations will result in a ban or termination of the posting account.

Multiple owners of content will be noted in cases where collaborations and multi-user shows are posted. In these cases, each must credit the other in content, otherwise it may be in violation.


There are comment sections underneath the video area on HoshPod. These areas must be free of the same content violations as mentioned above, and should not be a place to "troll" people. Heated discussions are normal, however, at any time a user becomes extremely disruptive to a channel or piece of content, they may be removed from that area, or be banned or have their account terminated. The severity level of the punishment will be cosmeasurate with the violation of the rules.

Please keep comments related to the content.

Advertising on Content

HoshPod will be using Google Adsense overlays on videos in order to recoup hosting and bandwidth costs related to content production. At this time, Mumblit LLC is looking into ways to allow users to monetize their content. However, no intiial system is in place to aid in this process. This section will change once a balance and method has been ascertained. 

Advertising profits are solely the property of HoshPod and Mumblit LLC at this time.